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Setting Industry Standards

For over 20 years, Theta Projects has provided quality construction services for many of the nation’s most successful developers. Learn more about our services below:

Our project management team work closely with our clients to transform their ideas into a reality. Having worked on over 300 projects in the last 20 years we fully understand that each project is unique however the same when it comes to the methodology used to manage the scope of works, quality, time frames
and financials.



Our Project Management Services include:
  • Programming & Amp Scheduling
  • Scope Management.
  • Ad Hoc and Stage Reporting.
  • Managing Design Development
  • Construction Management

Effective Cost Management is key. Our goal is to ensure clients receive a service that allows a perfect product delivered on time and within budget. The Professional Quantity Surveying Team at Theta have experience in a number of sectors including educational, health, leisure, retail, commercial, residential developments as well as petrochemical, which is our core business. Our Quantity Surveying Services Include:

  • Value Management at Project Inception
  • Value Engineering Cost Comparisons, which analyses alternative materials and innovative design to ensure our clients best interest are always on the fore front
  • Contractual arrangements, professional advice and preparation of tender documentation
  • Investigated and measured adjudication reports on the suitability of tenders submitted.
  • Project Cash Flow Analysis
  • Value Management and Cost Reporting during the construction phases.
  • Valuation and certification of project work in progress.
  • Preparation of final accounts for the work completed
  • Construction Close Out

The Thea Architecture Division consist of a dedicated team of professionals with varying backgrounds, experience and expertise with a focus on delivering the highest quality products that best respond to the needs of our clients. The team embraces all aspects of the architectural profession, ranging from conceptualization to project administration. Working within the strict project constraints such as budget and timeline, aspects such as social responsiveness, aesthetic appropriateness, cultural and historical awareness, as well as sustainable principles are always embraced as driving forces in our projects. These are fully managed by Theta Architecture – be it as The Principle or The Architecture as part of the professional team.

Our Architectural Services Include:

  • Repair and Maintenance Projects
  • Condition Maintenance Projects
  • Service Stations

engen Park construction (2019-2020)

Theta will undertake site surveys and assist with preparing accurate as built plans for existing installations. Theta can guide developers / oil companies with regards to what the current regulations are being met and which are in transgression. 

Theta are familiar with different types of piping and pumps that have been used over the years and the most effective way of upgrading the site to ensure all regulations are compiled to.

Canopy Drone Surveys

With the current HSSE regulations and requirements a canopy inspection typically involves “working at heights”, this requires safety files, scaffolding and a significant disruption to the site operations. Theta have a registered drone pilot that will undertake the canopy survey safely and without any disruption to the site operations.

Theta will undertake the inspection using a drone with an HD camera and video footage. This footage is used to compile a detailed report by a structural engineer who will list any areas of concern and include any remedial maintenance items that need to be addressed.

There is the added value that we can conduct a preliminary survey while we are on site. This would include the condition of vent valve at the top of the cent pipes and top of the prime signs to check on the condition and also recommend any maintenance items that may be required. All of this can be done very quickly and without the need for safety files and scaffolding required on site.


Theta have extensive experience within the fuel installation at retail service stations. Theta have a wealth of experience in both pressure and suction systems.

New Site Designs

Theta can prepare detailed installation drawings for new installations. This includes the calculation of tank installations levels and ensuring the correct falls are achieved during the installation. Theta prepare detailed plans for approval by the local emergency services department for their approval. Theta are familiar with the relevant SANS codes that need to be followed and adhered to. Theta also ensure and indicate the route the tanker will take through the site for safe deliveries during the operating of the site.

Theta also inspect and approve all milestones during the installation and double check installations and ensure fire department inspections are adhered to.

Theta will also ensure that all data and electrical sleeving are installed to ensure the Point of Sale (POS) and the Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) systems have communication and installations are both safe and seemless.

Pump Installation (2015)

We build partnerships with our clients

BP - Tembisa - Full Final 2
Engen Maokeng - Full Construction 1
Final 5 - Shell Rossouw Motors, GP
Steers - Komatipoort - Drone 2

providing services arcoss south africa

Our projects include multiple sites in almost all provinces of South Africa. We strive to provide for all customers.


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