We provide the following services


Theta Projects has considerable experience in the design and construction of both commercial and residential developments. We believe architectural expression should include the use of light, colour, form and material that reflects our South African heritage as we strive for conceptual clarity based on sound architectural fundamentals. Our architectural staff are registered with the Architectural Council as required by local legislation.



The Engineering staff at Theta Projects have a broad range of experience across a variety of different projects areas. In addition, Theta Projects has specialist in house training and experience in the design and layout of fuel dispensing installations. We also specialize in the design of service station forecourt pavements and structures.


Project Management

Theta Projects has been involved in the design, construction and management of architectural & engineering works for over 20 years. Our projects include petrol service stations, office parks, shopping complexes, warehouses, hotels and lodges. Our clients range from individuals and small companies to large parastatals. Theta Projects has the experience, technology, and know-how to manage projects from the inception of the concept to the completion of the job. We provide in-house services in all the project related disciplines.